Flotsam troupe 2019Photo by Lou Daprille

FLOTSAM! is a troupe of musicians, circus performers and puppeteers traveling from place to place on a handmade raft, giving free performances in towns along the way. During the tour, the raft is our mode of transit, our stage and often our home. In 2019 thousands of people came to see us perform as we toured on Oregon's Willamette River from Corvallis to Portland. Plans for bigger tours were delayed due to Covid-19, but in 2021 we dipped our toes back in the water for a tour of Lake Washington and Lake Union around Seattle. This past summer we followed the Sacramento River into the San Francisco Bay. Our next plan is to hit the Mississippi in 2023!


is a music director, stage-craftsperson, and multi-instrumentalist known for her work with Future Fridays, Beats Antique, Cafe Nordo, Moonshine Revival Tent, Cherdonna, and the Singing in the Rain Family Choir. She was a long-time member of Seattle's beloved performance collective, Circus Contraption and trumpeter/percussionist in the Balkan brass ensemble, Orkestar Zirkonium. She is currently music director of the UP UP UP Crane Truck Circus.

Ira Echo IRA ECHO is a violinist, dancer, street performer and music composer living in New Orleans. They began their study of violin performance at the Transylvanian Kalotaszentkiralyi music academy in Sâncraiu, Romania. Ira's path of performance then took them to New Orleans where they practice, perform, and play funny jazz and freely improvised music for dancers. Ira is currently exploring how a body in space and time can move aimlessly, knowing neither past nor future. Their present pastime is watching plants grow in public places.

Eric ParthumERIC PARTHUM is skilled in diverse artistic expressions—he is an adept juggler, object manipulator, visual artist, dancer, and circus arts teacher. He is most proud of his performance work as half of theatrical circus comedy duo, Figmentally, having crafted and toured three full-length shows and acts, and garnering international awards. Curiosity propels him through evolving explorations of performance possibilities (and impossibilities), while tinkering with the tickings of contraptions that surround us. Despite all this, he really just wants to read books while leaning on trees atop mountains.

Drea LusionDREA LUSION got caught in a storm of mime, magic, dance and puppetry ten years ago and hasn’t escaped yet. Chronic grocery store dancer and rush hour traffic diva, she has a lust for invisible objects and ramshackle boats. Her solo acts have been featured in Tourettes without Regrets, Moisture Festival, Umbrella Festival and Revolutions Fest. Half of the international award-winning company, Figmentally, she has created and co-starred in A Sorted Affair, Figmentally and Miss Fitts, and was recently featured in China’s International Comedy Festival in Kaifeng. Drea lives in Oakland where performs her comedic circus act for kids every weekend. 

Poki McCorkleMATTHEW "POKI" MCCORKLE creates mesmerizing and surreal spectacle with balance, mime, magic, sleight of hand, comedy, elegance and an eccentric persona. Poki's award winning solo acts have been presented in Vienna, Nürnberg, and Berlin, and he has performed in Dubai with Cirque Éloize, one of Canada's leading contemporary circus companies. Poki also directs, creates, and plays-in devised ensemble work for theatre and festivals. Recent projects include the award-winning surrealist physical comedies, Falling Awake, and Hotel Vortruba, and the UP UP UP Crane Truck Circus Show. Poki is a proud supporter of Clowns Without Borders, an organization which offers laughter to relieve the suffering persons living in areas of crisis.

Sadye OsterlohSADYE OSTERLOH has been performing, dancing dorkily and being a giant ham since the moment she was born. She has been practicing movement and circus arts for the past fifteen years, currently in Bellingham and previously in Asheville, NC as former director of The Toy Boat Circus School. Sadye has studied at the Circus Center in San Francisco and in Ft. Lauderdale with the world-renowned Eugene Baranok, and is a co-founder of the UP UP UP Crane Truck Circus Show. Whether performing with Bellingham Circus Guild or singing three-part harmonies with The Hot House Jazz Band, Sadye has a passion for sparking joy and laughter through partner acrobatics, trapeze and physical comedy. She delights in combining the ridiculous with feats of strength and skill.

Kalan ShhKALAN SHH is a slime mold who lives in a (w)hole in the ground with dozens of feral pups. As a street physicist, xE has toured post-philosophical puppet shows and Not-Happenings across Europe and the Americas. A student of Comparative Literature and Misunderstandings, xE also periodically lectures on Ontological Nihilist Cosmogony, granting PhDs to passersby. New York Magazine decribes xErr as "NYC's Most Avant-Garde Nihilist Subway Performer".

Jason WebleyJASON WEBLEY is a troubadour based in Everett, WA. Beginning as a street performer in late 90s, Webley has built an international cult following with his songs and stories. Armed with an accordion, a guitar, a porkpie hat and a plastic vodka bottle full of pennies, he has performed in over forty countries and released a pile of records. He is known for his work with the Welcome to Night Vale podcast and his long-time collaborator, Amanda Palmer. He grew up fantasizing about floating down rivers on rafts, and is a two-time winner of the "Boat Most Likely to Kill Pilot" award at the Camp Tipsy Rotten Boat Building Contest.


Nayana Fielkov
NAYANA FIELKOV is a Canadian based performing artist greatly dedicated to the work of play. She brings together the mediums of clowning, dance, mask and physical comedy. Nayana is co-creator and performer in multi-award winning shows Falling Awake and Hotel Vortruba from RAGMOP Theatre, Habitats (supported by Canada Council for the Arts and BC Arts Council), the roving troupe The Ladies in White, the clown troupe Poupon Parade, the theatrical musical ensemble The Myrtle Family Band, and The Dusty Flower Pot Cabaret. She is also a maker of puppets, clothing, and costumes, and the proud mother of a nine-year-old boy.

, pioneer, icon and innovator of punk rock circus and cabaret has been making genre-straddling work and performances in New York City and around the world for over 20 years. She is a choreographer, aerialist, teacher, dancer, writer, storyteller, MC and comedian. Her neo-vaudevillian collaboration with Adrienne Truscott, The Wau Wau Sisters, began in NYC in 1999 and has enjoyed an Off-Broadway run, sold out season at the Sydney Opera House, and four seasons at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. Gagné is the founder and director of the Trapeze Loft and Big Sky Works in Brooklyn, NY. She is a long-time veteran of Circus Amok, the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, La Clique, La Soirée, Briefs Factory, and worked for three years on tall ships, sailing half way around the world.

Asya SorshnevaASYA SORSHNEVA is a violinist and performance artist from Moscow, Russia with a background in classical and experimental forms. She recieved the Grand Prize at the Chesapeake Chamber Music Competition, and has performed with many ensembles, including the Russian State Orchestra, and the Vienna Chamber Orchestra. Sorshneva has worked with many renowned artists such as Lynn Harrell, Gidon Kremer, and Vadim Kholodenko, and in recent years she collaborated with the American band CocoRosie on a series of theatrical productions directed by Robert Wilson. In 2020 her solo album "Chrysalis" was released on Fancy Records.

Justin Therrein
JUSTIN THERRIEN is a contemporary circus artist that hypnotizes audiences with a unique blend of object manipulation, mime movement, and traditional sideshow. His talents have taken him to opera houses, circus festivals, theaters, living rooms, and streets all over the world. He has performed with Teatro Zinzanni, Zoppé Italian Family Circus, and Cirque Mechanics. In 2012 he broke the Guinness World Record for, "Longest String Passed Through the Nose and Mouth in One Minute". In addition to his performance work, Justin is a mushroom hunter, a book maker, and a fermenter of foods.

Lookout Arts Quarry, Nexus Marine, Heather Dawn Sparks, Stage Left at Oregon Country Fair, Lou Daprille, Karla Mi Lugo, Oliver Orion, Nicole Medena, Chicken John Rinaldi, Annemarie, Alexandra, Michelle, Jerome, and Mathieu Marchon, Willamette Riverkeepers, Dean Codo, Trevor Heald, Scott Youngblood, Gaylene Loverde, Katie and Casey Kulla, Jake Gano, Kahra Wahler, Brian Mosley, Katie McConnell, Michael Jeppesen, Rick Yepez, Max and Teresa Beery, Diane Breznau, Isabella Valencia, Black Lab Gallery, Hale's Palladium, The Whiteside Theatre, The Old Church, Beck Clements, Devin Harkness, Lyndsey Mackenzie, Mizu Desierto, Chris Durnin, Maureen and Paul Walczak, and so many more!

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